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These New South Whales

Written by on 17 October 2017

14 October, The Lansdowne Hotel Nipple tape – that’s really the only introduction to These New South Whales that you will ever need. The show started off with a bang – "We don’t need you anymore," kind of ironic, since the song was written about their bass player who left the band, and is now back in [...]

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Ecca Vandal – ‘Ecca Vandal’

Written by on 12 October 2017

If you are a millennial, your teenage years were probably spent listening to rap music on your headphones. Or, maybe you were into the whole pop-punk movement or even the nu-metal craze. Music identifies who we are and is a means to being accepted, nurturing a sense of belonging and a method of self-expression. But [...]

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Punk Vs Metal – PUNK

Written by on 5 October 2017

We got punk rockers As We Fall, Starting Monday and Fiveash to compile a mixtape of their fave punk and hard rock songs from Aussie bands ahead of their POP PUNK VS METAL gig on Sun 8 October, at Rad Bar. As We Fall As We Fall are a punk band from Western Sydney. The [...]

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Dune Rats, Wavves, Hockey Dad, WAAX

Written by on 2 October 2017

1 October, Big Top, Luna Park This is going to sound like a big old whinge, and believe me it’s not, but I have to go to a lot of shows alone. It’s part of the job and I love it, in fact, I enjoy them all the more. Being able to really soak up [...]

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Food Court – ‘Good Luck’

Written by on 26 September 2017

Food Court has been a band in the back of my mind since I premiered a video of theirs over a year ago. With a creative and fun-filled take on punk-infused pop, I was really keen to get my hands on their debut album. Good Luck did not disappoint. As with any record, there are always [...]

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Mixtape: Space Boys

Written by on 21 September 2017

Space Boys - astronaut jams and filthy noise hailing from the gong. We are currently touring about the NSW East Coast to support our latest release Suspicious Jams II: Space Devils Symphony. It's pretty loud, don't show your mum. We made a mixtape of all the favourite bands we have played with these past few months (good pals with [...]

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Tired Lion – ‘Dumb Days’

Written by on 15 September 2017

There’s something very comfortable about listening to Tired Lion’s debut album, Dumb Days. If, like me, you fondly remember ‘90s bands like Veruca Salt, Sonic Youth, The Breeders, Hole and Garbage, you’ll hear Sophie Hopes' vocals fronting Tired Lion and reminisce with a smile. Times may change, but thankfully, music spins around itself to deliver [...]

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