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Red Deer Focus: Shag Rock

Written by on 3 August 2017

Answered by: Jacob Reed Role: Guitarist Where do you hail from? The heart of Brisvegas! Give us your wicked-cool backstory: Just a few lads who love a beer and a surf. We met back in high school and have stuck together like a frozen Oreo. This year we've released an album, been touring around the country, and [...]

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Splendour In The Grass: Day Three

Written by on 24 July 2017

23 July, North Byron Parklands As we awoke today caked in dust, glitter and garnished by that 'earthy' musk (aka BO, stale beer and questionable foreign bodily fluids) we can't help but breathe a collective sigh of despair knowing full well that Splendour has come to a close for another year. So with a With a [...]

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Splendour In The Grass: Day Two

Written by on 23 July 2017

22 July, North Byron Parklands Saturday at Splendour is always my favourite day. For 24 hours I've been subsisting on a diet of hummus and goon and things have never looked better. After stumbling into the festival around 1:30pm we started our day catching Middle Kids under the GW McLennan tent. Now, for those of [...]

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Splendour In The Grass: Day One

Written by on 22 July 2017

21 July, North Byron Parklands Yet another year has passed and once again the annual pilgrimage to North Byron Parklands has come to be. Gum boots are packed, glitter is slathered on and festival goers from across the nation descend upon the hinterlands for what has proven time and again to be three days of [...]

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Electric Lady & Jack River: On Backing Women In Music

Written by on 20 June 2017

Unless you've been living under a rock, you've probably caught the buzz surrounding the inaugural Electric Lady event - an all-female mini festival kicking off at the end of this month in both Sydney and Melbourne. The female-fronted band night features a stellar cast of female performers, including Ali Barter, Gretta Ray, Alex Lahey, Bec Sandrige and more. [...]

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Big Pineapple Music Festival

Written by on 29 May 2017

27 May, The Big Pineapple Though the Big Pineapple is amusingly underwhelming, nothing deterred the hordes of punters heading to the opposing festival grounds from taking candid snaps in front of the plastic fruit, while we mostly people watched. It is our duty to report that flower headbands have made a momentary come back, glitter [...]

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Groovin The Moo 2017 – Maitland

Written by on 1 May 2017

27 Apr, Maitland Showground Once again it was time to pack the swag, the gum boots and play car Tetris with our mates for the annual pilgrimage to Maitland for 2017’s Groovin The Moo. Now welcoming its 12th year and spanning six regional centres across Australia in the nippy autumn months, Groovin The Moo never [...]

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