Band: One Day Apart

Answered by: Gavin Green

Tell us about the inception of One Day Apart: One Day Apart is four dudes with a passion for music who came together for a casual jam and decided to take it to another level and form a band. There’s been a few changes to the line-up, with myself being the third lead guitarist the band has had, and we have recently just had a change in the vocal/rhythm guitar department.

What has been the band’s greatest highlight to date? This is a tough one because last year we did two really cool gigs. The first gig was when we supported Aussie icons The Radiators. The crowd was awesome and we were lucky enough to impress The Radiators by them taking to Facebook and writing this on their page: “Support act ‘One Day Apart’ did a great job last night. It’s been a while since we’ve seen such an energetic bunch of guys. They were lovin’ life, playing their arses off and it was a joy to watch.”

The second gig was when we performed at Snowtunes Festival. It was the first festival that we have played at so that was a really cool experience on its own – just seeing everyone go nuts, being able to meet all of the other artists and getting a photo with Ball Park Music was definitely a highlight. Ball Park Music are really nice and down to earth people, it was great having a chat with them and being able to get some advice from them. 

I know I haven’t answered this question properly but it’s too hard to choose!
PS We are playing Snowtunes and supporting The Radiators again this year!

Is there a particular theme running through your EP Water Into Fire? There wasn’t necessarily a theme for our Water Into Fire EP. We just wanted to make a new EP, something with myself in it because our sound was changing into more of a heavier/rockier sound so we needed something to showcase that and where we are at now as a band.

What was the writing/recording process like? The writing process was fun! We like how the songs on the album sound different to each other because one of us would come up with an idea and bring it into the band room, then we would all write our parts to it. The three other lads in the band had written Blind Killjoy during a band rehearsal and they sent what they wrote to me while I was on the train to uni. Later that afternoon when I was home, I wrote my part to it. The following week when we met up, we put the tune together. Once we had all our songs ready we recorded them and then sent them away to get mixed and mastered.

Tell us about your favourite track on the record: My favourite track on the record is Your Resolve because the verses are simple and head banging but with a groovy pause in it that makes you want to jump every time you hear it (which I do live haha). The song is full of energy, which is what we are all about especially with our live shows.

Last year was awesome because…: We got to experience really awesome opportunities like supporting Australian legends The Radiators and playing our first festival at Snowtunes in Jindabyne which is something all of us can cross off our bucket lists and are all really grateful for.

But the worst moment of 2016 was…: When our previous singer left due to personal reasons. That was a tough time for everyone in the band. But now got a new lead singer and couldn’t be happier with how he has fit right in.

If you could jam with one musician, dead or alive, who would it be and why? Personally I would really love to jam with Ed Sheeran because I think that dude is just amazing and would love to get some advice. I know I could learn so much from him in all aspects of music including the music business. He seems like an intelligent guy, which would be interesting to have conversations with as well.