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PREMIERE: A revealing take on party culture with Lotus and LARKS’ ‘Drinking Hard’

Written by on 18 October 2018

Local to Local‘s Lotus and LARKS has written a soul-driven R’n’B track which dives into the reality behind clubbing and drinking to forget the bad times. Drinking Hard is the latest track from Melbourne hip hop crew Local to Local’s Day One mixtape. The group of four artists – LARKS, Anbar, Lotus and Kiid Koda, led and directed by […]

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PREMIERE: Melbourne supergroup Monnone Alone get deep (but not so meaningful) in ‘Cut Knuckle’ video

Written by on 3 October 2018

Mark Monnone is a man about – and under – Melbourne town. Head honcho at Lost and Lonesome records and former bassist of the Lucksmiths, Monnone pulled together a motley crew to form his misnomered four-piece Monnone Alone in 2009. Featuring Joe Foley (Aleks & the Ramps), Louis Richter (Mid-State Orange) and Gus Franklin (Architecture in Helsinki, The Smallgoods), “I […]

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PREMIERE: AIRPORTS Just Dropped The ’00s Throwback Party Anthem Of The Year

Written by on 17 August 2018

“Don’t get your panties in a tangle“, but AIRPORTS – the moniker of Sydney producer Aaron Lee – has just dropped a steaming hot pile of awesome in the form of your fave new party anthem, Single Together.  Oozing funk ‘n’ groove, Single Together will have you getting down in your apple-bottom jeans like you’re freshly legal and slamming vodka raspberries […]

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VIDEO PREMIERE: Ben Panucci channels conceptual artist via lots of turmeric in ‘Quite’

Written by on 7 August 2018

Small, straight rows of turmeric. Hands gently scooping it from a bowl, methodically sculpting tiny mounds, one by one. The work is then destroyed in a frenzied, joyful expression through dance, capturing the finite balance of life. Sydney’s Ben Panucci has channelled the meditative work of German conceptual artist and sculptor Wolfgang Laib in this clip for Quite. “I […]

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PREMIERE: Start Your Day Right With Baby Blue

Written by on 3 July 2018

Secretly watching someone get ready for their day hasn’t been this funny since that bathroom scene in The Truman Show. (Note: secretly watching anyone do anything is definitely not okay and should be avoided unless it’s watching your mum hide the Chrissy presents or pretending not to monitor your partner while they’re cooking…) “Just slow down […]

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