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Mixtape: Tobacco Rat

Written by on 16 August 2017

Tobacco Rat is the solo project of accomplished WA producer/composer Jake Steele. Whilst previously performing in Kucka, Injured Ninja and conducting audiovisual beat experimentations as Yarhkob, Tobacco Rat is a new alias through which Steele can delve deeper into darker, subterranean music styles. Tobacco Rat combines elements of heavy electronic hip hop, industrial trap, dancehall [...]

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Mixtape: Spirit Bunny

Written by on 28 July 2017

Hey! We’re Spirit Bunny. A Brisbane three-piece playing your old computer (Commodore 64, remember them?), a cheap keyboard (Casio SK5) that we’ve modified, a minimal drum kit and some crunchy drum loops. We’ve just released our debut LP on Detonic Recordings. It's full of noisy pop songs and gritty beats. You may notice the lack of [...]

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Mixtape: The New Yorks

Written by on 27 July 2017

We’re a four-piece indie rock band from Adelaide called The New Yorks, who create aggravating-neighbour rock and enjoy watching Cheers. Check out our new single We Enjoy This Too Much. Song 1: The Horses - Daryl Braithwaite To begin our mixtape, we had to come out with a true Australian tune. Like John Howard said: “This [...]

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Mixtape: TOTTY

Written by on 17 July 2017

Hey we’re TOTTY (Chris and Kelly). We are a lo-fi/shed/dog rock band from Wollongong. We formed the band in early 2017, in a shed at Kell’s mum’s house and named it after our dog. We’ve put out two singles, one’s called RIFF and one’s called SIGH. We’ve got a bunch of shows coming up including [...]

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Mixtape: Miss Blanks

Written by on 17 July 2017

Australian rapper, Miss Blanks, is your local fashion icon, internet celebrity and hip hop star, serving up unapologetic and raw raps and a stage presence like none other. Between her hot style, fire lyrics and an ass to drop jaws, Miss Blanks’ presence on the Australian music scene is becoming harder to ignore. Miss Blanks has already made her [...]

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Mixtape: Tempus Sun

Written by on 6 July 2017

Song 1: Sweet Disposition - The Temper Trap This track represents exactly what we are about as artists. It is completely infectious and just simply makes you feel good. It is euphoric yet emphatic and achieves all this through luscious harmony and relative simplicity. It has the same driving energy we like to incorporate in [...]

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Mixtape: Nikkita Ra

Written by on 30 June 2017

My name is Nikkita Ra. I sing and rap. Some people have described my music as 'celestial rap'. I'm not sure what that means though really. Atmospheric indie electronica? Here is a mixtape of amazing Aussie female-fronted bands and artists! Song 1: Laputa - Hiatus Coyote So beautiful and dreamy. This band is epic. Makes you [...]

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Mixtape: CREO

Written by on 29 June 2017

My name is Carlos Romanos and I’m one of the guitarists in Sydney four-piece alt-rock band, CREO. You can check out our new single Give Me Yours and our other tracks via our Soundcloud/Facebook. Song 1: What Can I Do If The Fire Goes Out? - Gang Of Youths I’m a big fan of Gang Of [...]

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Mixtape: Billy Fox

Written by on 28 June 2017

Hi, I'm Billy Fox from Sydney, Australia. I produce a future soul-type music with electronic and human instruments. Song 1: HyperParadise - Hermitude Hermitude can cross genres and boundaries easily. I love these dudes. Song 2: Lacunae - Mookhi Mookhi is a true artist. I’ve had a great time collaborating with her. Check out her latest EP. [...]

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Mixtape: Cable Ties

Written by on 23 June 2017

Cable Ties are a Melbourne punk band devoted to winding jams and hot chips. They're currently stroppin' around the country with their debut album. This playlist is designed to get you from post-work malaise into that headin' out Friday night feeling.  Song 1: Short Circuit - PTSD  Found this band while researching interstate bands for our tour, and [...]

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