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Illstrtd: On the pros and cons of starting from scratch

Written by on 19 November 2018

Melbourne-based future beats producer Illstrd (Stuart Brander), has chased a nostalgic 90’s vibe with his undeniable summer jam, Ain’t The One. This comes as the producer’s next move after garnishing huge success with his latest single, Work Hard featuring Ceeko, which now sits on more than 150,000 streams on Spotify alone, as well as receiving […]

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Kira Puru: On the complexities of pop, finding her sound and going on tour

Written by on 19 November 2018

The bass line infiltrates your body and consumes you. Then beat frees you and moves you. For those three and a half minutes, you don’t care where you are – all you can feel is the music. This is just a small example of what Kira Puru’s music can do. Since taking the step away from her band, The Bruise, and embarking on a solo career towards to […]

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GLADES: On finding new sounds and different types of love

Written by on 14 November 2018

In a world of alternative, pop and electronic artists, there’s a local Sydney band who combines all three! By the name of Glades, this young trio of creatives has found a place for themselves in playlists, car radios, and festival line-ups all around the nation.I was lucky enough to sit down with two out of the three-piece, (Joey you were very […]

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IVEY: On defying genres, champagne drunk and playing with family

Written by on 12 November 2018

I’ve been fortunate enough to know and love the members of IVEY since their early days. Lead vocalist Millie Perks was only 13 when they first started performing – some of their first few shows were performed at my high school!” After releasing a banger of an EP – Gorgeous – the Gold Coast-based band is in the midst of a nation-wide tour. I had […]

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The Teskey Brothers: On going international

Written by on 1 November 2018

2018 marks 10 years of The Teskey Brothers, Melbourne’s indispensable figures in soul and blues. The band from Warrandyte made a name for themselves playing gigs throughout Melbourne for the past decade, steadily building a consistent audience and their own reputation, whether it was their intention or not. “We’re just best friends, really, if we weren’t […]

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Peter Bibby: On storytelling, suffering and ‘Grand Champion’

Written by on 24 October 2018

Perth’s maverick poet Peter Bibby has released his second studio album Grand Champion, taking time out of his national tour to answer a few questions for LunchBox. Your new record Grand Champion has a pretty diverse sound throughout; you’ve got tracks like Hippies that take a softer and quirky, yet still off-the-chain approach. Then you’ve got tracks like […]

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Nice Biscuit: On the visuals of music and the psych-rock dream

Written by on 22 October 2018

There’s something to be said for the bounty of quality Australian psych-music that the world has within hearing range. We’ve seemed to have clocked on to some type of frequency that breeds a distinct yet diverse melting-pot of sound that transcends borders and has made us a formidable force within the psych scene. Rising from […]

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Papaya Tree: On live music in Sydney and fruity behaviour

Written by on 17 October 2018

“I’m kind of a Sydney scene apologist…”  Papaya Tree are a fresh offering in Sydney’s music scene. Despite the fruity connotations, the name Papaya Tree is actually a play on the legal term ‘Proprietary Limited’. “I don’t think I’ve ever had Papaya in my life,” says lead singer, Lee McDermott. The sextet squeezes together their own […]

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