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Johnny Hunter: On Millennials, David Bowie & Pop

Written by on 28 June 2018

Hiding in the suburbs of Sydney is one of the most impressive and ridiculous bands Australia has produced in a long time. With a sound born of wry eighties pop drawls and shuddering rock, if Johnny Hunter is anything they’re a bloody good band. When I first saw them play at the Lansdowne some months [...]

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RBCF: On Fear & Diving Deep Into ‘Hope Down’

Written by on 25 June 2018

Rolling Blackouts Coastal Fever (RBCF - a mouthful, I know) are no strangers to the tireless grind that comes with being musicians. "We all started out just kicking about, playing barely any shows just writing songs in our bedrooms and not really doing anything with them," explained Joe White Having played in numerous projects before settling with [...]

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Spiderbait: On the Vinyl Revival & the State of Aussie Rock’n’Roll

Written by on 7 June 2018

Come Together is coming back with a hefty rock lineup this June, boasting sets from established Australian rock heavyweights Spiderbait, The Superjesus, Mammal, Osaka Punch and up-and-coming female punk-pop outfit RACKETT. This return of the festival is being dubbed Come Together - Recharged 2018 and is a return to form of their original rock roots [...]

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Approachable Members Of Your Local Community: On Being Approachable Community Members

Written by on 4 June 2018

Seven-piece band Approachable Members of Your Community are an interesting bunch of blokes. While their music is great, they’re so much more than just their tunes. LunchBox caught up with saxophonist Nicholas Gerstel. Like their name suggests, they are, in fact approachable members of your local community. “We wanted a name that reflected our comedic [...]

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