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Chase Atlantic On Their Debut Record, Feature Artists & US Adventures

Written by on 18 October 2017

Australian alternative pop trio Chase Atlantic, have released their much-anticipated debut album. Brothers Mitchel and Clinton Cave and longtime mate Christian Anthony have released three EPs this year, and I caught up with them to chat about the release of their first self-titled collection. The debut has been in the works for three years with the trio [...]

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Timi Temple: On Mental Health, Jazz & Pop Stars

Written by on 5 October 2017

2017 is an important year for musicians and mental health. Accompanied by an ongoing openness, endless support and positive outlook, I chatted with Timothy Lockwood about his own experiences, observations and the launch of his solo project Timi Temple, as well his recent single What Are We Waiting For. Having grown up immersed in a […]

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