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Friday Finds: Elko Fields

Written by on 11 August 2017

There’s a rumble coming from up north and it’s starting to spread. With a strong beat, a wail and a sick solo, Elko Fields are coming in fast and looking to roar into your ears. I meet lead singer, Kella Vee, in the front bar of Frankie’s Pizza By The Slice on Hunter Street in [...]

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Friday Finds: Sloan Peterson

Written by on 4 August 2017

There’s a feeling of nostalgia that accompanies Sloan Peterson’s music. With just two tracks released thus far, the atmosphere generated leads us to a destination that is still on the horizon. However, the fuzzy 1950s garage-pop style, an '80s-inspired name and modern sensibilities mean that there is a lot to absorb from this Sydney act along [...]

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Friday Finds: YEO

Written by on 28 July 2017

Friday is a great day for new music and if there’s anyone that knows how to feed us fresh tunes just in time for knock-off, it’s Melbourne’s Yeo. This electro-pop artist has been drip-feeding us tracks from his brand new album Desire Path over the past months as we get to the pointy end and [...]

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