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Album Review

Ecca Vandal – ‘Ecca Vandal’

Written by on 12 October 2017

If you are a millennial, your teenage years were probably spent listening to rap music on your headphones. Or, maybe you were into the whole pop-punk movement or even the nu-metal craze. Music identifies who we are and is a means to being accepted, nurturing a sense of belonging and a method of self-expression. But [...]

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Lime Cordiale – ‘Permanent Vacation’

Written by on 11 October 2017

I’ve found that with most albums, the best tracks seem to be at the beginning, with the odd diamond in the rough popping up in the middle or towards the end, and Permanent Vacation by Lime Cordiale is no exception the rule. They kick off the album with a catchy half-time feel tune with Naturally, [...]

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Alex Lahey – ‘I Love You Like A Brother’

Written by on 5 October 2017

There is no-one making music like Alex Lahey in Australia right now. That’s a big call, but think about it. Lahey treads the line between singer-songwriter, pop and indie-rock, whilst delivering lyrics that are relatable and easy to digest, all the while being a person that doesn’t hold back her clever, yet stoic personality. Quite [...]

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Golden Vessel – ‘Right / Side’

Written by on 4 October 2017

Seemingly effortlessly, Golden Vessel (aka Max Byrne) has slipped into the electronic music zeitgeist in Australia with songs that seep beautifully into our ears. Following on from his debut EP of last year, Before Sleep, Golden Vessel, now signed to Danny Harley’s (The Kite String Tangle) label, Exist. Recordings, has stepped up his production and [...]

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Cub Sport – ‘BATS’

Written by on 28 September 2017

Brisbane band Cub Sport have let loose their BATS. That is, they have released their third album. Frontman of the alt-pop four-piece, Tim Nelson, has described their latest album as their most honest and sexy to date. It is certainly an album full of intimate moments with Cub Sport. The first track Chasin' sets the tone [...]

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Food Court – ‘Good Luck’

Written by on 26 September 2017

Food Court has been a band in the back of my mind since I premiered a video of theirs over a year ago. With a creative and fun-filled take on punk-infused pop, I was really keen to get my hands on their debut album. Good Luck did not disappoint. As with any record, there are always [...]

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Alexander Biggs – ‘Still You Sharpen Your Teeth’

Written by on 20 September 2017

Released last Friday, Still You Sharpen Your Teeth is the debut EP from Melbourne singer-songwriter Alexander Biggs - an intriguing introduction to his sophisticated and emotionally-driven brand of folk-pop. The EP is incredibly cohesive and seamless, both in its themes and musicality, something that artists often struggle to achieve with debut bodies of work. Tracks like [...]

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The Tommyhawks – ‘This Is Not A Desert Island’

Written by on 19 September 2017

If you’re living on the East Coast of Australia you’ll have already felt that Summer is well and truly on its way. Perth four-piece The Tommyhawks have released their third EP This Is Not A Desert Island perfectly to coincide with the tease of all that the warmer weather brings. The all-female alt-indie ensemble have [...]

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Tired Lion – ‘Dumb Days’

Written by on 15 September 2017

There’s something very comfortable about listening to Tired Lion’s debut album, Dumb Days. If, like me, you fondly remember ‘90s bands like Veruca Salt, Sonic Youth, The Breeders, Hole and Garbage, you’ll hear Sophie Hopes' vocals fronting Tired Lion and reminisce with a smile. Times may change, but thankfully, music spins around itself to deliver [...]

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Gordi – ‘Reservoir’

Written by on 25 August 2017

This may not need to be pointed out, but I'm going to anyway. The number of solo female musicians in Australia is exploding. From every angle, we have albums being released that not only prove that women are making a huge mark on the scene, inching towards balancing out the male-dominated industry, but it also [...]

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