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Album Review

Spit Syndicate – ‘Orbit’

Written by on 11 May 2018

Despite being the second album from the hip hop duo in two years, Orbit serves as a re-birth of the Sydney outfit Spit Syndicate. Where 2017’s One Good Shirt Had Us All Fly was a slick offering (4.5 stars), Orbit brings Jimmy Nice and Nick Lupi back to the independent space, releasing the album under their [...]

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DMA’s – ‘For Now’

Written by on 27 April 2018

I've always been a fan of British music first and foremost. Ever since rock'n'roll crossed the pond from its birthplace in the US, the British truly mastered it into ways that culminated in groups as legendary as The Beatles all the way up to Radiohead - there's something so beautiful about British culture that lends [...]

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GUM – “The Underdog”

Written by on 23 April 2018

Earlier this month GUM dropped his fourth LP titled The Underdog, an immersive insight into “a day in the life of GUM.” For anyone unaware, GUM is the solo project of Jay Watson from Tame Impala and Pond. My favourite part of this album is the range of emotions it’s able to impart on you. [...]

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Alison Wonderland – ‘Awake’

Written by on 20 April 2018

With a sound so uniquely haunting, Alison Wonderland swiftly became a true asset to the Australian music scene, and has outdone herself with her second album, Awake. Awake is the sound of Alison emerging from her own darkness. A mix of digital-pop and incendiary beats, the record sees Alison blaze new territory - sonically, lyrically, [...]

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Mastin – ‘Suitcase Of Stories’

Written by on 9 April 2018

Reece Mastin, who? The teenage bad-boy Reece Mastin who stole hearts across the country back on 2011's X Factor is no longer. In his place stands Mastin, and with this reimaging came a new EP and sound. Not The Man For You was the lead single to introduce the EP, and from the first listen, I was [...]

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Press Club – ‘Late Teens’

Written by on 15 March 2018

Stop the press! Press Club release their debut album, Late Teens, tomorrow! In a short year, the Melbourne rockers have established themselves in regular rotation as a hot commodity on Australia’s live music scene; from festivals (The Grampians Music Festival, Festival of the Sun, Fairgrounds Festival, Falls Festival, and NYE on the Hill), international support [...]

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Ocean Alley – ‘Chiaroscuro’

Written by on 13 March 2018

Imagine you’re eating a pie. Not just any old pie. You’re sinking your teeth into a wavy slice of groovy-licious pie. The flavours on your tongue taste colourful whilst you’re chewing. You swallow and it’s gone. Your cravings for another piece grow strongly and you would do just about anything for another taste of that [...]

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What So Not – ‘Not All The Beautiful Things’

Written by on 7 March 2018

Having established himself as one of the world’s most revered electronic acts, it’s hard to believe that What So Not, aka Chris Emerson has not yet released an album. However, the wait is indicative of his craftsmanship and patience as a producer, with each track on Not All The Beautiful Things being more three-dimensional than the [...]

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Camp Cope – ‘How To Socialise & Make Friends’

Written by on 1 March 2018

In 2016, a three-piece from Melbourne released an album that was to be the catalyst for change. It was made by three women, and whilst this isn't noteworthy or particularly unique (although desperately under-represented), it is important and relevant to what came next and what continues to happen in the Australian music scene. Two years [...]

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Sarah Connor – ‘Just Breathe’

Written by on 27 February 2018

Sydney rapper Sarah Conner is an artist that brings poetic prowess with a social message into being. She has created her own path in the Australian hip hop scene and has fostered a positive image amongst a hip hop culture that at times glamorises toxic masculinity and misogynistic lyrics. Her latest EP Just Breathe contains [...]

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