LunchBox is Australia’s premier music feature site dedicated to championing artists from Australia, TAS and NZ, without a genre restriction.

Our national team consists of 40+ passionate creatives who live and breath Australian music – many of them working in the industry as musicians, technicians, dancers, comedians, managers, event coordinators and more.

As a purely feature-based site, each carefully curated piece of content is showcased, rather than lost in a content glut and clickbait. Longform journalism means a heavy emphasis on storytelling, extensive research, and brings each artist’s unique personality and journey to light.

We are known for our commitment to being independent curators and tastemakers in the Australian music community through features, album and live reviews, galleries, video content, and a growing reputation for live on-ground festival coverage around the country.

Our Story

LunchBox began with (you guessed it) a lunchbox.

Founder Brynn Davies kept a beaten-up walkman stored safely in her plastic lunchbox at school, pulling it out at recess to listen to her favourite CDs – from Powderfinger, Silverchair, The Go-Betweens and Jet to Hi-5.

15 years and a stream of listening device upgrades later, Brynn gathered a passionate team of music journalists, photographers, dancers, comedians, presenters and working musicians and set out to create the first music feature site dedicated entirely to Australian musicians.

With stories updated daily, we hope to become a destination for music fans, critics and professionals alike; a hub for trend-setting, taste-making and most importantly, the biggest local champion of homegrown talent, committed to promoting diversity across all areas of the music industry.


The LunchBox team are committed to discovering new talent across all genres, highlighting burgeoning success stories and artists from the far corners of the country as well as promoting diversity and inclusivity across all areas of the music industry. We seek to restore public faith in the integrity of Australian music journalism.

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Want to be put in front of a hyper-engaged local audience?

With an almost purely Aussie readership, promotions run through LunchBox reach the exact niche market you’re targeting to sell tickets and increase your visibility, as well as aligning with our 100% homegrown, independent ethos.

We know no two artists and events are the same, which is why we work with you to customise marketing packages to suit your needs, goals and budget of any size.

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